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How to make reality just a little less “reality-y”

7 Feb

Technology is finally catching up to 80’s movie cyborgs. That may sound cool to you, but as you will learn about me, I am only half-joking about the inevitability of an impending cyber apocalypse/robot takeover. Google has further mediated human beings by developing HUD (head -up displays) glasses that will eventually allow the user to map his or her surroundings with a computer display on the inside of the lenses.  Read about it here

remember this?

Terminator Vision

And this?

Robocop Vision

We as a society have decided that the human eye is just so pre-millenium, just doesn’t provide enough information , and that we now need to wear the internet on our faces in order to interpret objects directly in front of said faces.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to get to the point where not only do I have to  decide if the guy over there having a conversation with himself is insane, talking to me, or on his bluetooth, but also have to walk down the aisle of the supermarket and dodge 100 Robocops using GPS navigation to find the location of the canned peas.

I already feel somewhat disconnected from reality communicating this sentence to a vast, anonymous internet world,  it’s amazing to me just how much farther we can still go to finally sever our consciousness completely from the physical, natural world while existing within it.

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